July 27, 2013

Small Groups

Small group at Zero Degrees, Bristol

As well as Hornstars and BUJO, BigBandSoc offers smaller jazz groups with a flexible line up suitable for a variety of events and locations – from the intimately cramped ambiance of the Cori Tap in Clifton to the exotic reaches of the Stoke Bishop halls. These smaller bands, due to their portability and tendency to come up with interesting musical experimentations, often attract large crowds and are a good platform for members of BigBandSoc to show off their skill to a greater extent and gain valuable experience. More importantly, these gigs are relatively informal and a good source of income for students who may well be a little strapped for cash!

The bands are flexible both in terms of line up and size. For the majority of gigs, the bands comprise of a trio of rhythm section members, a trumpet, a sax, and sometimes a vocalist – with members taken from both BUJO and Hornstars. If you would like more information on small groups for your event, or to get an idea of cost, please contact one of the band managers.

That said, the musicians invited to play these gigs aren’t always from BUJO or Hornstars – those unsuccessful at auditions occasionally get the call to join in! This applies mainly to rhythm section auditionees – while there is an abundance of horn and sax players in the society, the relatively small number of rhythm section band members next to the large number of small gigs means it’s only fair for others to have a go too!