July 27, 2013

How to Join

Joining Hornstars or BUJO

Audition details for the 2018-2019 band entries are now out! Sign ups will open at freshers fair and the auditions will be taking place between the 6th and the 10th of October, we look forward to meeting all our new band mates! See below facebook post for more details, and make sure to like and follow the page to keep up to date with future announcements.

Any student at the University of Bristol is welcome to join BigBandSoc. Come find us at freshers fair to put your name down, it’s even completely free! If you don’t manage to make it down, you can email us during freshers week to get your name on the mailing list or arrange an audition at technical@bigbandsoc.co.uk. If you do email us please include your name, instrument and student number.
If the audition season has already passed it won’t be possible to join Hornstars for this year, but the best way to join BUJO is to drop our Tech Officer an e-mail at technical@bigbandsoc.co.uk, again making sure to include your name, instrument and student number.

Big Band Society consists of two big bands. That’s right. We’re so awesome we can’t be contained to just one band. The Bristol Hornstars are the fully-auditioned, professional outfit – playing at huge, high-profile events like Itchy Feet regularly. Auditions for Hornstars take place at the start of the academic year and sign-ups take place at and around the time of the Freshers’ Fair. Again, if you can’t make it please send us an email.


BUJO is the more casual, but no less formidable big band of the two, with the majority of members being unauditioned. If you are a sax, trumpet or a trombone player, tell your friends (if you have any) and feel free to come along! However, due to the limited places in the rhythm section, if you play drums, bass, guitar, keys or if you sing – then you too have to audition for BUJO. Like Hornstars, there is one of each rhythm instrument and a small number of singers. If you just want to get involved in one of Bristol Uni’s premier musical societies (no bias, it’s obvious) without the commitment of Hornstars, then come along to BUJO!

What if I don’t get in?

Have no fear! Places for spots in Hornstars and the rhythm sections of both bands are very competitively sought after, but it’s not the end of it if your audition is unsuccessful. If you’re a horn or sax player, then BUJO is always open to new people. If you’re a rhythm player: as well as big band gigs, we do loads of small group sets (quartets, quintets etc) all around Bristol. They’re fun, varied, and a good earner. If you are unsuccessful in your audition, then we still add you to the list of players for these small gigs – and may well call on you at some point throughout the year!

For non-University of Bristol Folks

If you aren’t a member of the University of Bristol Students’ Union (you can still be an associate member if you aren’t a student of the University itself), then unfortunately you cannot join either band, as it is 100% a student society. However, we really appreciate your interest, so feel free to drop the Tech Officer an e-mail and they will add you to a mailing list to keep you in the know!

Any Questions?

Please feel free to email the Tech Officer at technical@bigbandsoc.co.uk.