BUJO and The Bristol Hornstars at the Anson Rooms!

Saturday 15th saw the Anson Rooms and STA play host to a fantastic night of live music from BUJO, Easy Grease, The Feelgood Experiment and The Bristol Hornstars.

BUJO kicked off the evening in style, with débuts for new conductor Paddy Pamment and vocalists Juliet, Lydia and Tommy. With an eclectic set of funk, swing and even some audience participation (ooh-ooh) in Backstreet’s Back, the band got the crowd (and Paddy) dancing furiously.

After Easy Grease, more faces of BigBandSoc old and new were on stage as part of the recently-formed Feelgood Experiment. Led by ex-Hornstar Jahan Meeran their impressive repertoire of jazz and hip hop worked the crowd into a frenzy that carried on late into the night.

The Bristol Hornstars then took the helm for the final slot on stage, smashing a wall of jazz into the audience. Their set went down a storm and included some newly arranged pieces by conductor Greg such as ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurythmics. Vocalists Holly and Morgan also made their débuts for the band with a special guest appearance from Juliet off of BUJO. Much to the surprise of the audience, the band ended with an encore of Crazy in Love (Beyoncé) to much rapturous applause.

There is plenty of excitement for the upcoming gigs in both BUJO and Hornstars…